About Us

Tutt Appost Food & Beverage Shoot

Three friends. 

Seven years. 

One dream. 

Owners, Jerald Gralto, Andrew Puca, and Manuel Gregorio have been friends for what seems like a lifetime and although they all have different life stories, they decided to come together to combine all of their passions and open Tutt’Appost in April of 2021.

Tutt’Appost located on 289 fifth avenue in Park slope, Brooklyn, is an Italian cuisine and Neapolitan style wood fire pizza restaurant with authentic, natural ingredients. 

Manuel who is the pizza expert, straight from Naples, Italy creates a delicious, very light pizza dough that, with every bite, transports you to the beautiful port of Mergellina. His 48 hour rising dough recipe makes for a perfectly thin and light crust that leaves just enough room for the decadent and mouth watering Nutella calzone. Manuel’s drive has brought him from his first job here in New York as a kitchen helper, to owning multiple restaurants showing us just how far hard work can really go.

Andrew, whose dream his whole life was to open a restaurant, is from Naples as well, bringing in authentic menu items while also adding his own creative twists to make each dish one of a kind. His motivation and headstrong attitude bring leadership while his sense of humor delivers a sense of comfort and home, creating friendships and bonds with practically everyone he crosses paths with.

Jerald, who was born into the restaurant business, is an expert in all things! From anything between business items to making the uniquely perfect old fashioned recipe, his kind and extremely approachable nature is exactly what every restaurant needs to not only be successful, but to accomplish a vibe for customers to feel invited. 

The three make for the ideal trio of partners, bringing in their own rare qualities and ideas to formulate a well oiled machine while becoming the classic family owned restaurant that they are all passionate about and thrilled to share with everyone!